Gunnar Wöhlk has many years of experience as a hoistoperator, technical crew member and paramedic on the rescue helicopter "Sea King Mk41" of the German Navy and wide-ranging aviation offshore experience. His duties in the Navy include, among others, the search and rescue service in the area of ​​the North and Baltic Seas, the operation of sea-going units in Germany and abroad as well as the training, review and standardization of hoistoperators for Mk41.

In addition to his work with the Navy for several years he supported the civil rescue service for offshore wind farms in the development, training and implementation phase and gained extensive experience in a variety of helicopter operations and deployment procedures.

Licenses and Qualifications:

  • Helicopter hoist Operator (EU directive 965/2012)
  • Flight mechanic (IHK)
  • Industrial Mechanic IHK
  • Industrial master specializing in metal (IHK)
  • Certified Paramedic

Expert activities

Due to his experience and professional qualifications Gunnar Wöhlk was admitted as an "Expert for Offshore Flight Operations, Helidecks and Hoist Areas“ and became an associated member of the BDSF (Federal Association of German Experts and Specialists) in July 2019.