Due to many years being a Naval Flight Officer flying the German Naval Search and Rescue helicopter „MK41 SeaKing“ Jan-Henrik Barkow has extensive aeronautical offshore experience, nationally and internationally, especially flying in Search and Rescue duties over the North and Baltic Sea.

Prior to his Naval Flight Officer training in the United States he successfully completed the Federal Armed Forces University in Munich with a degree in business adminstration.

His further qualifications in the area of „human factors“ (Crew Ressource Management and Critical Incident Stress Management), quality management as well as his experience in the staff of Naval Air Wing 5 complete his professional compentences.


  • Quality Management Auditor Internal (IQA)
  • Crew Ressource Management (CRM) Trainer
  • Diplom-Kaufmann (Univ.)

Expert activities

In March 2017 he was certified according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17024 as „Expert for Offshore Flight Operation, Helidecks and Hoist Areas“. He is listed in the respective expert register and authorized to bear the above mentioned titles.

In addition, Mr. Jan-Henrik Barkow successfully participated in the OPITO Competence Assessor Course in July 2017 to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to carry out evaluations.