Planning & Expert Statements

  • Monitoring of the entire planning and approval process
  • Regulation-compliant positioning, equipment of helidecks, landing areas and hoist areas
  • Preparation of expert reports and statements

Documentation & Manuals

  • Operations Manuals
  • Heliport regulation manuals
  • Risk assessments
  • Helideck information charts

Certification and Quality Assurance

  • Acceptance tests of helidecks and hoist operating areas in accordance with the Standard Offshore Aviation (SOLF)
  • Recurring inspections of helidecks and hoist areas in accordance with the Standard Offshore Aviation (SOLF), ICAO and CAP437
  • Certification of helidecks on offshore installations and vessels according to ICAO, CAP437 etc.
  • Determination of the surface friction of helideck (using Micro GripTester, Findely Irvine)

Introduction & Training

  • Helicopter rescue exercises
  • Helideck inductions
  • Inductions for helideck personnel (HLO / HDA)
  • Inductions in helideck refueling systems